Hometown Liquors' Owner Mirash Isufi

When Oxford-based Hometown Liquors’ owner Mirash Isufi needed financing solutions for ground-up construction of his new store, he turned to bankHometown for the right mix. See how Senior Loan Officer Michael Mahlert helped Mirash unlock his potential!

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Hometown Liquors and bankHometown have a lot in common: Their names, for starters, but they’re also both headquartered in Oxford and believe strongly in nurturing a highly personalized “hometown” service experience for their customers.

Hometown Liquors and owner Mirash Isufi have been serving the residents of Oxford and surrounding communities for more than 20 years with an extensive assortment of beers, wines, liquors, and bar supplies—over 18,000 products, in fact.

Over a decade ago, Mirash needed financing for ground-up construction of his store at its current 240 Main St. location. So, of course, he approached his then-current bank, a bankHometown competitor. He recalls being shocked when they denied him.

So, he tapped bankHometown and Senior Loan Officer Michael Mahlert. Mirash says he was surprised and elated when, within hours of providing his documentation, Michael called him, saying, “I have good news for you!”

“That was the start of a hand-in-glove relationship, and it only got better from there,” says Mirash. “That ‘yes’ and everything they’ve done for me since gives me great respect for Michael and bankHometown for being a true partner to local businesses.”

Mirash said that strong relationship extends to the one he’s built with the staff of the Oxford retail branch. “When I walk in, I honestly feel like I’m the luckiest guy in town. Everyone knows my name and helps me with whatever I need,” he says. “Everyone deserves to be treated the way they treat others, and that’s why I stick with bankHometown.”

Since the initial construction, Mirash has obtained bankHometown financing for other real estate projects, giving him confidence and peace of mind. “There’s a level of trust we’ve built in working together,” Mirash says.

“So, I have no reason to go anywhere else,” added Mirash. “And my philosophy is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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