Fuller Automotive's Owner Josh Fuller

When fourth-generation Fuller Automotive owner Josh Fuller sought financing to construct their new collision center, it’s no accident he turned to bankHometown. See how Senior Loan Officer Michael Mahlert helped Josh unlock his potential!

Fuller Auto

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The Fuller family has been helping vehicle owners with automotive repair and service for more than a century. In fact, the company began in 1914, when great-grandfather Willis Fuller started doing horse and buggy repairs, quickly transitioning to automobiles to keep up with the new technology. His son, Freeman, and grandson, Richard, followed suit, expanding the Auburn-based business several times over the years and branching out into additional automotive services.

The Fuller family’s banking relationship with bankHometown spans several generations, too. Fourth generation owner Josh Fuller says it’s comforting to have that enduring, trusted relationship to turn to.

“Our longstanding relationship with bankHometown makes us feel like someone’s always in our corner, fighting for us to get things done,” says Josh. “Over the years, it’s been remarkable to watch our company grow alongside bankHometown. We’ve been honored to be part of their growth.”

Josh says when they were looking to finance construction of their new collision center on Rte. 20 in Auburn, it’s no accident he called upon bankHometown Senior Loan Officer Michael Mahlert and that decades-old relationship to help pave the way.

“They do whatever they need to do to get things done,” he says. “They’re always proactive, reliable, flexible, and attentive. They’re always ready to roll.”

Plus, he says the transformative power of bankHometown’s smart banking technology has kept their business competitively ahead of the curve.

In fact, he sees synergies in knowing the bank has his best interest at heart, much like his customers know he has theirs. “If it drives and breaks and sometimes crashes, our customers know we’re here for them. Fortunately for us, we feel the same way about bankHometown.”

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