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Protect Yourself from Zelle® Scams

April 11, 2024 —

Who doesn’t love a convenient and easy way to move money? That’s why Zelle, the person-to-person payment service offered by bankHometown, has become a popular way to send and receive money quickly. Unfortunately, it’s also become popular among scammers who use it to defraud unsuspecting victims. As part of our commitment to helping you protect

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Beware of Fraud This Tax Season!

March 20, 2024 —

Tax season is in full swing. For many, it’s time to get a little extra money back as a refund. Unfortunately, it’s also a time that scammers look to steal money and the identities of unsuspecting victims. At bankHometown, we want to help protect you. Here’s some info on the latest tax scams and how

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